The Junior Stars League (JSL) has been created in order to provide regular competition and match experience for all Evolution Soccer players in the under 7 to under 12 age categories. The JSL is closely linked to the Qatar Stars League (QSL), and will provide opportunities for player visits, stadium tours and match tickets.

From under 7 to under 10, players will be placed in a different team each week, and compete in a round robin tournament, culminating in a playoff. Awards and certificates will be presented to the winning teams, as well as standout performers each week.

Under 11 and under 12 players will compete in a league format with each team playing the other twice throughout the season. A cup competition will take place at the midway point to give players experience of a different type of match format. Players will be ‘signed’ via a ‘draft’ system at the start of the season and remain with that team throughout. A transfer window will allow the organisers an opportunity to balance out the teams to ensure the league remains as competitive as possible and players remain motivated.

EVO 5’s & EVO 9’s

The Evo 5’s & Evo 9’s is a 5/9 aside league which has been created in order to provide regular competition for our under 14 and 16 teams who will experience the ups and downs of winning and losing on a fortnightly basis. Games will be played at a variety of locations throughout Doha to give players the experience of playing in a home and away setting.